Addiction impacts everyone. The Coalition of Recovery Investment (CORI) is dedicated to reducing the harm caused by chemical dependency and improving the health of our families, communities, and state. We are individuals. We are organizations. We are professionals and programs on the frontline and behind the scenes.

CORI is advancing innovative, cost-saving, and successful public policy that will help thousands of Minnesotans recover from the grip of addiction. We are building an effective community-based grassroots coalition to educate the public and policy makers at all levels on the need for long-term solutions. CORI empowers all Minnesotans who care passionately about successful recovery to speak with one voice.

Chemical dependency negatively impacts health, medicine, education, the criminal justice system, child protection, domestic abuse, and most importantly family well-being and child-rearing. Recognizing this, CORI wants to help overcome single-issue focus, build a powerful coalition, and promote better understanding of the need for action by professionals and the public.

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