2014 Accomplishments

CORI’s 2014 accomplishments included:


Recovery Schools

Accomplished: The House, Senate, and Governor all agreed that funding recovery schools was a priority in this years budget and as a result $500,000 was dedicated to funding the four remaining recovery schools in Minnesota in 2015 as well as $1 million in 2016/17.   

Detox Centers

Accomplished: CORI worked with the Department of Human Services to overhaul state detox policy which will allow Minnesota to become eligible to receive Medicare funds from the federal government.  

Steve’s Law

Accomplished: CORI worked with advocates of the Naloxone bill to help pass it through the Minnesota Legislature.

MN Nurses Association

Accomplished: CORI supported the MN Nurses Association to provide reporting and treatment options for professionals with chemical dependency issues.


ACA Implementation

Changes: Because CORI was instrumental in passing funding for detox, the department has committed to having a broader discussion about funding mechanisms around the ACA and local partners responsibilities where matching funds are concerned.  


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