2018 Accomplishments

CORI’s top priority during the 2018 legislative session was securing funds to help
stem the tide of opioid deaths in the State of Minnesota. It was important to CORI
and its members that pharmaceutical companies be held accountable for the
damage they have done. We fought to impose a “Penny a Pill” and a fee on the drug
manufactures but ran into resistance by a wall of pharmaceutical lobbyist in the last
days of the legislature.
Ultimately, the MN House would not hold pharmaceutical companies accountable
and funded some additional resources out of the state general fund, which meant the
State’s taxpayers, were on the hook and not big pharma. The 2018 legislative
session ended with vetoes of major finance and tax bills because the Governor and
the Legislature could not come to agreement on major legislative package, which
means we will have to gear up to fight again during the 2019 legislative session.


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