2019 Accomplishments

CORI’s top priority during the 2019 legislative session was again securing funds to
help stem the tide of opioid deaths. Legislation passed, raising $20,000,000 in
future years., plus current appropriations for support of the SRHN (an anti-opioid
advocacy and naloxone distribution group) and Minnesota Recovery Connection
(community-based support group, including recovery coaches.) Also continued to
work on implementation of the Medical Assistance Waiver using MA funds to match
at 50% level community-based treatment services.
Improving treatment services for offenders entering the criminal justice and social
service system. We continued to advocate for more Specialty Courts for persons
charged with a crime or in Juvenile Court, as the vast percentage have substance use
disorders and should be diverted to health and community support services. This
will be a top priority in 2020.



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